Farkas Family






The 2004 Farkas Family Reunion Picture

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Hershey, PA

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The 2006 Farkas Family Reunion Picture

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South Park, PA

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The newest Farkas additions:

     Kara Nicole Farkas was born February 18, 2012.  She was 8 pounds 11 ounces.  Sister Julie can't wait to play with her new little sister.  Parents Zach and Amber are excited about their new addition.  Grandparents Ken and Dawn probably spoiling their latest grandchild already.  And GREAT-Grandparents Bill and Norma are excited about the 9th great-grandchild!

Congratulations to all and welcome to the Farkas Clan, Kara!



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Butch and Millie Brunner

50th Wedding Anniversary

June 23, 2006

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Bill and Normas Farkas

60th Wedding Anniversary

February 3, 2008




Joseph and Mildred's Family

Mildred, Joseph (Paul), Mildred, John (Jack), Bernice, William, Joseph



Back: George (Butch), Robert (Chub), 

William (Bill), Jack (John)

Front: Mildred, Bernice, Paul, Norma, Dean


Jack, Millie, Paul, Bernice, Bill



The Mamajek's at North Myrtle 2005




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